Success Stories

Focused, experienced tenant representation pays off for your business.

Experienced tenant representation or buyer representation pays off for your business. It is easy to see why so many tenants and occupiers choose Lester & Lester as their tenant representative.  The reasons for their preference can be found in the various ways Lester & Lester has achieved terrific results for its clients over the last 30+ years. Here are just a few success stories that make Lester & Lester the obvious choice. 

Telecom Manufacturer 

A rapidly growing startup was focused on serving an emerging technology marketspace. While the company wished to keep pace with its rapidly expanding space needs, it also wanted to upgrade its headquarters building from the retrofitted former shopping center it occupied.  After a 2-month search, Lester & Lester found the perfect solution—a newly available office formerly leased by a major software company. Within one day of the new building coming on the market, Lester & Lester toured the facility. It initiated business negotiations within three days. Our market knowledge, client responsiveness, and sense of urgency all made the crucial difference as Lester & Lester out-negotiated three other parties that wished to lease the property. The Telco manufacturer began moving into its new 92,000 square foot headquarters (nearly 3 times the space of their previous location) within 45 days of lease execution. This experience demonstrates how important it is to possess thorough market knowledge and be willing and able to move quickly on behalf of one’s clients when the opportunity presents itself. We can’t wait to do the same for your company.

High Tech Repair 

Our client was facing an excellent but challenging business opportunity. While its newly formed pager-repair operation had outgrown its current home, the company was challenged to locate and negotiate a new 80,000 square foot location within 90 days or risk losing a major new contract. Lester & Lester went right to work. With its disciplined work ethic, real estate knowledge, and networking contacts, it found exactly the space its client was needing. Lester & Lester negotiated a below-market lease and helped with all the necessary renovations, so they were completed in less than the allotted 90 days. What Lester & Lester did for them, it can do for you too.

Call Lester & Lester and let us prove it to you.

Big Pharma 

An international skin care company had outgrown its headquarters. In addition, its product warehouse, located elsewhere, was making business excellence difficult to achieve. The firm’s senior executives turned to Lester & Lester to help envision and have designed/built the setting for a single, simple, unified solution. Our client’s initial business campus included a 50,000 square foot office lease; a 70,000 square foot warehouse lease; along with convenient access to UPS, FedEx, air, rail and LTL drop-ship trucking options. Lester & Lester led a team of architects, engineers, planners, construction managers, and investors to turn a piece of raw land into the smoothly running corporate campus the skin care company’s business leaders envisioned.

The result? This skin care company is now sitting pretty with a single solution adjacent to a wide variety of overnight and other shipping options. Most notably, since inaugurating its new campus, our client has driven its customer satisfaction survey results to new heights. Business leadership could not be more thrilled. Seven years later, when business success meant adding 150 new employees, our client again chose Lester & Lester as its agent. We added another 50,000 square foot custom office building to the campus. Just recently, after another 8 years of achieving even more business success, our client again chose Lester & Lester. We helped them with another 100,000 square foot, custom-built office building to house an additional 350 employees.

Assisted Living Corporate HQ

Our client had initially leased 5,000 square feet in a Las Colinas midrise.  Their rapidly expanding business required adding dozens of new employees.  We conducted a survey and tour which led our client to the conclusion to remain in its current building.  We helped them to expand to a full floor office of 23,000 square feet.


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