About Us

Focused, experienced tenant representation pays off for your business.

Regardless of your current organization’s size or your industry, chances are there will come a time when you’re forced to acknowledge that your business performance is being constrained by the physical limitations of your place of business: Either you’ve outgrown current space allotments, or the appearance of your headquarters no longer conveys the value of your brand to the marketplace, and an upgrade is necessary to correct the situation. Another possibility: Either your floor layout or total size of your current location can no longer accommodate the business as it has currently evolved and your renewal is coming up and needs to be reworked.

If any of these conditions describe the situation you find yourself in, here is a partial list of Lester and Lester services that ultimately ensure you’ll wind up with the most suitable properties at the best value available.

Lester and Lester will:  

  • Devise and implement a winning negotiation strategy that gives you the upper hand in tenant-landlord lease negotiations.
  • Complete market research to produce alternatives to leases, subleases and build-to-suit projects that assists you in coming to the best-informed choice.
  • Produce employee scattergrams to assist you in pinpointing the ideal location for your office, warehouse or distribution facility.
  • Conduct prudent and knowledgeable building tours designed to answer your needs. We will point out important differences between physical locations, landlords, types of leases offered, etc.—all factors that could impact your business.
  • Create a Comprehensive Request for Proposal (RFP) you can provide to all landlords so they can understand your needs and respond accordingly.
  • Help analyze all proposals received, enabling you to make an informed decision on which one is best for your business.
  • Counsel with you on business points to ensure successful negotiations.
  • Assist with setting an initial budget for interior build-out, so sufficient dollars will be allocated.

Choose Lester and Lester and then rest assured you’ve chosen the one tenant representation group dedicated to re-locations that serve to improve your business’ overall value and rate of asset growth.