Lester and Lester

Focused, experienced tenant representation pays off for your business.

David Lester, President

An important element contributing to David’s philosophical view of life, and more specifically, his intimate understanding of the fluctuations of the real estate leasing markets, stems from his long tenure as a real estate broker.

As a real estate professional for more than 30 years, he has had a ringside seat observing and participating in the very best and worst of times. From economic stagflation and economic recession to the flush times with real estate markets booming, David Lester has seen it all, and it has served to make him market wise and highly principled. He and his associates have seen cycles come and go; as a result, they are better able to serve clients’ long-term needs.

David Lester graduated from Southern Methodist University with a Bachelor of Business Arts degree. In 2001 he was certified by the International Development Research Council in corporate real estate management with the Board Certification for Corporate Real Estate (BCCR).  In 2003 he was certified by Cornet Global with its Master of Corporate Real Estate (MCR) designation. And in 2004 he was certified by Corenet Global with its Senior Leader of Corporate Real Estate (SLCR) designation.

He is a member of the Tocqueville Society within the United Way where he serves as a board member for United Way.

Outside the office, David enjoys spending time with his family, which includes his four children. His hobbies include playing golf, visiting Disneyworld (the kids’ favorite), participating in Ironman competitions and marathons. He’s a member of White’s Chapel United Methodist Church where he mentors young adults.

Kyle O’Keefe, Vice President

With almost 20 years in real estate, Kyle has a vast array of experience from single-family rentals to investor sales and commercial tenant representation.

A graduate from Texas Christian University with several years in teaching and entrepreneurship, Kyle’s keen negotiating and relationship-building skills lend to the success he has enjoyed over the years. His belief in teamwork leads his desire to partner with clients in reaching and exceeding their real estate goals.

Like David, Kyle is an athlete and participates in Ironman triathlons, which coincide with Lester and Lester’s devotion to the health and wellness of employees and clients alike. Being nationally licensed to coach soccer, Kyle has coached select soccer teams locally for the past 18 years and enjoys helping other teams throughout the country.

Kyle and his family reside in Fort Worth where he enjoys spending time together and says that traveling is one of his great passions. He also enjoys spending time outdoors: fishing, hunting, swimming and snow skiing.

Kyle’s goal is to be an integral part of his clients’ decision-making process. “I want our tenant companies to know we’re going to advise them based on the best knowledge and most experience in Texas. We will assist in making their move and/or negotiations as efficiently as possible.”

In memoriam: Our Founder, Charles Lester Sr., J.D.

David Lester’s father, Charles Lester, Sr., and David Lester founded Lester and Lester Realty Advisors in 1982.

Until his passing in 2007, Charles Lester was a principal guiding force both in building the company and setting the professional and personal standards that everyone in the Lester and Lester organization still adhere to today.

After graduating from the University of Louisville School of Law, Charles served as in-house counsel and lead attorney for major corporations for 25 years, he finished his corporate career in New York City as general counsel for Hertz Trucking.  After returning to Dallas, his real estate career began in 1972 when he joined Hank Dickerson & Company, a prominent, full-service realty firm with offices in Dallas and Houston.

Today Lester and Lester still stands as a tribute today to Charles’ strength, vision, dedication and integrity.