There are many differences that separate Lester and Lester from other Commercial Real Estate (CRE) agents. Most of those differences revolve around the nearly four decades of history helping people in DFW.

The Lester and Lester Realty Advisors have been creating these differences since 1982. We have more local experience than other CRE agents in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Some of the other Lester and Lester differences include:
  • Hundreds of transactions- Very few CRE brokers will ever have a hand in as many transactions. There is a lot to consider when leasing space for your business so experience matters. One mistake can cause a lot of pain and experience can prevent a lot of common errors.
  • We stick to the facts and get things going-  Our team goes all out when it comes to providing our clients with all the facts and fast service. We help our clients arrive at a short-list of leasable properties. The team also prides itself on prompt service as it does detail.
  • No pushy tactics- We refrain from promoting one finalist over another in order to induce our clients to come to a final decision. Our team takes our job very seriously so we present the facts and chime in when our client needs help or answers. We present the facts and let our client decide on the place they want.
  • Lester and Lester’s proprietary process- Our process is always open to revision. We have also spent a lot of time improving it over the years. The Lester and Lester system will guide your company’s leadership team through the whole process that reduces the hassle and stress considerably.
  • Nationwide service- We will be happy to represent you anywhere and everywhere in the United States, you have a need.

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